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National Restructuring Technical and Compliance Manager

Job description


The National Restructuring Technical and Compliance function includes establishing, maintaining and continual development of technical, best practice and risk management standards, applied to restructuring work undertaken across all offices and supporting the restructuring team in its adherence to the regulatory requirements.

Duties include:
  • Keeping abreast of compliance, regulatory and technical developments and preparing a regular summary of relevant material for internal dissemination to the team
  • Identifying changes required to restructuring procedures, including checklists, letters and other templates and IPS diaries. Discussing and agreeing significant changes with the Compliance Director, and where useful, obtaining feedback from the technical committee representatives to changes proposed.
  • Ensuring timely and accurate updating and the rolling out revised or new procedures/checklists etc. Providing training and information to support changes to the restructuring team to ensure a continued high level of regulatory compliance
  • Being the initial handler for technical enquiries, discussing with others in the technical team where appropriate to provide timely responses. Logging all relevant queries received to the queries log on the portal to ensure the sharing of knowledge
  • Monitoring and maintenance of information added to Compliance portal page and updating where needed.
  • Preparing and delivery of webinars and in-house presentations. Assisting in the development of the internal webinar training program for the restructuring team.
  • Over-seeing the organisation of the external review and RPB reviews, providing support where necessary throughout the review process including initial overview of responses drafted for approval by the Compliance Director
  • Undertaking a rolling desk top review of all locations including the collation of findings from former reviews to ensure previously identified issues have been addressed
  • Reviewing quarterly reports from each location and sharing key information via the internal restructuring update
  • Ensuring all serious issues identified during reviews are notified to the National Technical and Compliance Director for appropriate action
  • Identifying and reporting areas of risk, suggesting solutions to minimise exposure to risk and implementing improvements as agreed.
  • Reporting to National Technical and Compliance Director to ensure policy decisions are made as appropriate referring to appropriate parties to ensure full support and buy in to significant changes.
  • Organising Technical Committee meetings and acting as secretary to those meetings.
  • Working with any department, employee or partner of FRP to achieve the above
  • Other projects as agreed to support the above.

The ideal candidate

  • Minimum 5+ years’ insolvency experience within a professional practice
  • Strong technical knowledge
  • Excellent time management skills and the ability to respond to queries quickly and efficiently
  • Analytical
  • The ability to demonstrate good commercial and business acumen skills
  • Excellent people and communication skills both verbal and written, to be used at all levels.
  • Good working knowledge of IPS
  • Experience of having introduced and implemented new internal procedures is desirable
  • Experience in compliance and system review
  • Experience in delivering presentations
  • Being a member of IPA/ICAEW/R3 committee would be helpful



Ideally JIEB qualified


  • Status


  • Closing Date

    31 May 2023

  • Location


  • Department

    Restructuring Advisory