Uncharted: lessons in communication

Episode one of our new podcast series is live and available to stream now

With UK businesses having spent over 100 days of the year operating from home, communication has become a defining factor in how well companies have responded to the pandemic. As one guest on our new podcast series describes his business: “We used to be a group of a hundred people spread across four locations. We’re now a hundred people spread across a hundred locations”.

The idea that good communications is at the core of all successful businesses makes the topic an ideal starting point for FRP’s first ever podcast series. In episode one of Uncharted: the road to recovery – a seven-part series analysing the issues facing the UK business community in the wake of coronavirus – our host Rebecca Burn-Callander (former enterprise editor at The Telegraph) speaks to a panel of experts about their strategies for lockdown and the economic recovery ahead.

Guests on our ‘Lessons in communication’ panel include Ed Reeves, Co-founder of the world’s leading outsourced telephone answering service, and Martin Currie, Managing Director of Citypress – a fast-growing communications agency counting the likes of Aldi and Lloyds Banking Group among its clients.

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We managed to transition more than 1,000 people to homeworking and with a ‘Blitz’ mentality, saw it as a chance for our team to shine. Ed Reeves Co-founder of Moneypenny

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