Private equity

Securing the funding you need for your next stage

Fast-growing, ambitious businesses can benefit from private equity when seeking development capital to propel business growth. The medium- to long-term investment can give you the financial commitment you need to build sustainable value within your business. It is also a viable way to de-risk shareholders and complete a management buy-out, which can sometimes offer more than a sale to trade. But handing over an equity stake is not right for every business.

Our advisers can guide you on whether to seek private equity and prepare your business to get the best offer. We are well connected within the private equity industry and can draw on our deep insight into available current funds, sector interests and different house's investment criteria to find the best-fit investors for you.

We will advise shareholders and the management team throughout the process, from creating the business plan and analysing sensitivities in the transaction to negotiating the deal and project managing the transaction through the due diligence process.

We have an in-depth knowledge of Private Equity needs, and often work with investors when they are acquiring, providing buyside advice, and debt advisory services.  This gives us an invaluable insight to the requirements of the Investment Committee and individual investors approach to different opportunities.

FRP Corporate Finance is consistently shortlisted in the national Private Equity Awards (Real Deals and Unquote) for our proven track record of achieving advantageous outcomes for shareholders, management, employees and the private equity firm.

Above all else, we are direct and straightforward. Not every business is in the right sector or has a suitable business model to attract private equity, and we will give you clear advice on whether Private Equity is viable option for your business and plans.

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