Employee ownership trusts

Transitioning ownership of your business to your employees

An employee ownership trust (EOT) has become an attractive succession route for business owners. It can be much less disruptive than more traditional exit options. And we have the expertise and experience to advise you on structuring a successful EOT transaction.

When implemented correctly, an EOT transaction can ensure the outgoing shareholder achieves an attractive tax position, while leaving the traditions and culture of the business untouched. 

Our approach encompasses the key advice needed to implement an effective EOT, including share valuation, tax and financial modelling services. We'll draw on expertise across our Corporate Finance team to navigate you through the process. In addition, if you need finance to fund the deal, we'll help you access a vast selection of lenders.

Our objective is to help you transition your business to EOT ownership in a way that works for all stakeholders. We do this by working closely with your legal and other business advisers for a joined up and seamless approach.

As always, you can expect to work with real, honest people at FRP. We'll take you through your options in plain English, so you always know how each decision affects the business and shareholders. 

Working with FRP

  • Our specialist advisers can assist with the structure of any EOT transaction, including percentage of shares to be sold to the EOT, and structure of any share option or bonus scheme;
  • We can undertake share valuation work to facilitate an agreed price for the shares being transferred to the EOT and financial modelling and forecasting work to predict the likely timescale for the payment of deferred consideration;
  • We can provide tax advice on the qualifying conditions relevant to EOT's and the drafting of advance clearance applications to HMRC;
  • We will work collaboratively alongside your solicitors and existing business advisers to implement the EOT structure;
  • We can assist in sourcing appropriate and competitive finance options to provide additional 'day one' cash; and
  • Pre, during and post transition to the EOT structure, we provide ongoing advice to assist business owners who wish to transition to the EOT ownership model.