Strategic options review

Providing clarity for the big decisions

A strategic options review lays a business's cards on the table. It's a way of getting key stakeholders to think objectively about the business and where it's going. A good strategic options review has an expert leading it - they ask the right questions and suggest considered possibilities - which is where FRP excels.

Our strategic options review process typically has four stages: stakeholder workshop, strategic report and recommendations, detailed action plan and, finally, implementation and monitoring.

We start by getting the key stakeholders together to explore the business's current position. We discuss its strengths and weaknesses, critical functions and future goals. And then, together, everyone helps assess options and create an action plan.

Whether your goal is building capital value, developing sustainable revenue streams, or planning an exit strategy. we have experience in working across a range of industries to achieve the right outcome for our clients.

We've built a methodology that works, but we can also tailor our approach around a client's needs. As goalposts move, we can revise the action plan and advise on any changes needed. Throughout the process, we can give you the focus you need to make important decisions.