International reach

We're connected to 285 associate firms with over 2,000 partners in more than 80 countries. Geoff Rowley Restructuring Advisory

Having to contend with multiple jurisdictions and cultural dissimilarities makes situations even more complex. What’s needed is an in-depth understanding of legal, commercial and cultural challenges to deal with any issues in an effective way.


Being part of PrimeGlobal, an international association of independent accounting firms, means we’re connected to over 2,000 partners in over 80 countries. We’ve forged strong international connections and can draw on their expertise when we need specific knowledge.

Our independent nature allows us to focus on your case. You benefit from working with your local firm, at the same time gaining the legal, financial and tax insights from experts across the globe. Through our PrimeGlobal contacts and the multilingual members of our team, we’ve helped a number of clients through cross-border difficulties.

Multilingual team

23 different languages are spoken among our team, including Africaans, Mandarin, German, Spanish, Gujarati and more. We can involve members of our diverse team to support with translations and negotiations.

Languages spoken

If you or your clients feel more comfortable speaking a language other than English, we may have someone in our team who can help. Bringing them onboard to listen and translate can help everyone talk freely to get to the root of any concerns.


Languages spoken across the firm

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