In conversation with Penny Judd

Friday March 8, 2024

FRP host an interactive event in honour of International Women's Day

Yesterday saw us hold an interactive event in honour of International Women’s Day (IWD), to not only spark conversation but to drive positive change and inspire action.

Hosted by FRP’s National Senior Marketing Manager, Jenna Gadhavi, alongside FRP’s Non- Executive Chair, Penny Judd – the session explored key insights around this year’s IWD theme of ‘inspiring inclusion.’

Penny joined FRP’s Board earlier this year to support in the execution of the firms growth strategy. She is a Chartered Accountant with over 35 years’ experience, and Non-Executive Director of a number of AIM quoted companies. It was hugely inspiring to gain her insight and perspective surrounding the theme of inclusion, in what was a powerful and engaging discussion.

Key themes explored included, the importance of allyship, being a champion for others, and crucially, not undervaluing yourself.

Penny explained that the organisations that are the most effective at driving change, are those where the senior decision makers live by it and are instrumental in driving and pushing inclusion forward – explaining that having visible champions in the room is very critical in allyship.

Also discussed, was the importance of people being able to see themselves within an organisation, with Penny explaining that ‘having an organisation where there are people where you can look at and say I can be that and I can do that is very important.’ She added that we must not undervalue ourselves, and accept the status quo – but try to move and change it.

Despite us coming a long way, Penny highlighted that there’s a risk of society moving on and us moving backwards – and therefore it’s imperative to keep the conversation going. An interesting dialogue, and an opportunity for our colleagues to discover more about how they can each inspire inclusion.

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Penny Judd

Penny Judd

Penny Judd

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