Uncharted: a new FRP podcast

Friday June 26, 2020

Our Chief Executive Geoff Rowley announces the launch of FRP's podcast series

Welcome to day 101 of lockdown. It hardly seems believable that the UK has now spent almost half of 2020 living under some form of social restrictions.

Back in early April, I wrote a column introducing a new FRP microsite dedicated to supporting clients through the crisis. In it, I mentioned the uncharted territory the global economy was moving into. It’s fair to say, we are now firmly within those bounds, as companies large and small come to terms with the challenges of operating in a post-COVID world.

As we consider the shape of the economic recovery to come, I’m pleased to announce the launch of FRP’s first ever podcast series. Designed specifically to address the fast-evolving issues facing the UK business community as it comes out of lockdown, Uncharted: the road to recovery will document the unique challenges of our time and identify how businesses are adapting to overcome them.

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Hosted by Rebecca Burn-Callander, journalist and former enterprise editor of The Daily Telegraph, we’ll welcome guests and FRP experts to cover issues including:

  • Regional reactions to the pandemic
  • Stabilising and restructuring in 2020
  • Conducting M&A in the new world order
  • New approaches to growth funding

The series will run over the course of the summer, providing timely and applicable insight as the economy starts to turn at a faster pace. I hope you will lend us your ear.


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Geoff Rowley

Geoff Rowley

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