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Expert witness assists in disciplinary case

Forensic Services Partner provides expert opinion on reliability of advice


FRP Partner Fiona Hotston Moore was instructed as an expert witness in a disciplinary investigation by a regulatory body, and was asked to provide an opinion on the roles of the client as taxpayer and his professional advisers. Fiona was instructed to consider the accuracy of the client’s tax filings and his compliance with tax legislation. She was also asked to examine whether the external accountant had provided appropriate advice to their client, and whether the client could reasonably rely on it.


Fiona reviewed the tax returns prepared by the external accountant over a number of years and the extraction of the reported income. She had to consider the appropriate tax treatment of a number of sources of income, and the exemptions available under historic tax legislation.

Our Forensic Services team reviewed a substantial amount of documentation – including the tax returns, the source accounting records and various witness statements – to assess the correct tax filing position, and advise on how any errors in filings should be corrected.


The expert report explained the errors made by the client’s external accountants and provided the view of the team on how much the client could reasonably rely on their adviser. After our report was submitted the matter was settled.

Our Forensic Services team assessed the correct tax filing position, and advised on how any errors should be corrected. Fiona Hoston Moore Forensic Services

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