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FRP provides eDiscovery services for expedited trial

Forensic Technology team delivers rapid eDiscovery services


An international law firm appointed FRP to provide eDiscovery services to help its client with a legal dispute. The firm’s client was in possession of a key set of documents, and our forensic technology team had also received documents from other third parties involved in the dispute. A particular challenge in this case was the extremely tight eight-week turnaround, due to an expedited trial.


Our team preserved and processed email and eFile, electronically stored files, from the various parties. We designed workflows to enable a speedy review, making most of the data available on Relativity, FRP’s document review platform, within 24 hours of receiving it. During the review, the client identified a number of scanned hard-copy documents that carried the date they were scanned within the metadata, rather than the date the content was created; our team advised on how to deal with these documents, and put in place a custom workflow to resolve these issues.

Once the law firm had reviewed and identified the relevant documents, our forensic technology team produced them in a suitable format for court, and helped to organise the trial bundle documents. To assist the firm, the team were also able to standardise the documents disclosed by the opposing law firm, as these had originally been provided in an unsuitable format.


The matter was heard in the High Court, and the firm were extremely grateful and impressed with our speedy turnaround and support. As a result of this work, our forensic technology team are now on the firm’s panel of preferred suppliers for eDiscovery services.


24 hours

Our team designed workflows to enable a speedy review within 24 hours

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