Appointment takers

Appointment Takers and details of their Recognised Professional Body:

Surname Forenames RPB * FRP Advisory Office
Acland David IPA Preston
Ailyan Ned IPA Sidcup
Allen Paul David IPA London
Allison Tonya ICAEW     Newcastle
Armstrong Philip Lewis  ICAEW London
Atkinson Paul  IPA Brentwood
Barrell Tony ICAEW Birmingham
Bhikha Yasmin IPA Leicester
Blackburn Gary IPA Leeds
Carmichael  Callum  ICAS Edinburgh
Carton-Kelly Geoffrey Lambert IPA London
Carvill-Biggs Simon IPA St Albans
Collier Anthony ICAEW Manchester
Cook Sarah IPA St Albans
Corfield Ian ICAEW London
Crutchley Victoria IPA Leeds
Dunn Jonathan IPA Bristol
Elliot Michelle ICAS Edinburgh
Farr Simon ICAEW Manchester
Fraser Alexander Iain IPA Aberdeen
French Jeremy Stuart  ICAEW Brentwood
Griffin Chad ICAEW Edinburgh
Goldie Gordon ICAEW Newcastle
Goodall Richard ICAEW Manchester
Hargreaves Gary IPA Preston
Harris Phil IPA Brighton
Haslam Andrew ICAEW Newcastle
Hinrichsen David IPA London
Hodgett Mark ICAS Leeds
Hudson David IPA London
Humphrey Julie IPA Brentwood
Jones Ben IPA Birmingham
Jones Nathan Malet ICAEW Leicester
Kelly Allan ICAEW Newcastle
Kinninmonth Sandy ICAEW Southampton
Lowe John IPA Leicester
MacLennan Thomas Campbell ICAS Edinburgh
Massey Alastair IPA London
Mittal Raj IPA Birmingham
Morris Gareth Rutt IPA Bristol
Mummery Glyn  IPA Brentwood
Needham Miles Andrew ICAEW St Albans
Piacquadio Marco ICAS  Milton Keynes
Pierce Philip Edward ICAEW Leeds
Pullin Martyn IPA Teesside
Reynolds Phil IPA London
Robb Stuart ICAS Edinburgh
Ross Steven ICAEW Newcastle
Rowley Geoff  IPA London
Shambrook David IPA London
Sheridan Andrew Martin IPA Bristol
Singh-Sall Arvindar ICAEW Birmingham
Smith Gerald Clifford  ICAEW Birmingham
Smith Graham ICAS Aberdeen
Stanyon Ben IPA Sidcup
Stevens Christopher David  IPA Brighton
Stibbons Simon IPA London
Thomas Lila IPA Preston
Townsend Iain IPA Teesside
Vickers Colin Ian  IPA Brighton
Watkins Philip  IPA London
Weller Martin John  IPA Brentwood
Whitwam Paul IPA Leeds
Williams Steven IPA Preston
Willis David IPA Teesside
Wright Anthony ICAEW London


ACCA: The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants
ICAEW: Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales
ICAS: Institute of Chartered Accountants in Scotland
IPA: Insolvency Practitioners Association

All Insolvency Practitioners are subject to the Insolvency Regulations and Guidance Notes, Statements of Insolvency Practice and the Insolvency Code of Ethics.