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Complaints procedures

If a party is not satisfied with any work undertaken by FRP, its subsidiaries or its members or staff they should set out in writing the nature of the complaint and address this to the relevant insolvency practitioner, Client Services partner or director concerned. A copy of the complaints policy will be made available on request.

If you are not satisfied with any issues relating to an insolvency practitioner's regulated work, then you may, at any stage of your complaint, contact the Insolvency Service at https://www.gov.uk/complain-about-insolvency-practitioner, alternatively email the Insolvency Enquiry Line at insolvency.enquiryline@insolvency.gsi.gov.uk or telephoning on 0300 678 0015. A complainant is encouraged by the Insolvency Service to seek to resolve the complaint with the relevant Insolvency Practitioner prior to submitting a complaint to the Complaints Gateway.

If you have made a complaint in relation to work undertaken, that does not relate to an insolvency practitioner's regulated work, and you are not satisfied with any response given to your complaint you may complain to the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.