Meet Alexis

Alexis joined FRP in 2023 as a Manager in the Financial Advisory team and is based in our Limassol office in Cyprus.

He has been engaged with an array of research and consultancy work for a variety of sectors spanning energy, hospitality, manufacturing, and professional services.

He has extensive expertise in assisting clients to pinpoint environmental, social and governance (ESG) challenges, and calculating the potential impact of various sustainability strategies on performance outcomes, in line with meeting the conditions of regulatory compliance and international sustainability standards. His work has significantly contributed to companies successfully embedding sustainability within their business models and ensuring future resilience.

Alexis maintains an active role in academia, frequently delivering guest lectures at leading UK institutions on the subject of sustainability.

As an active member of Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, Alexis is at the forefront of the latest scientific developments in the field of climate change. This involvement provides a robust scientific foundation to his client engagements, allowing for advice that is grounded in research.

Alexis Ioannidis


Financial Advisory