Restructuring in the automotive sector: what does the future hold?

Tuesday January 12, 2021

In a new publication we discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the automotive sector.

Britain’s automotive industry generates £78.9 billion in revenue, and supports more than 864,000 jobs, demonstrating its importance to the country’s economy.

Even before COVID-19, the sector was already in a state of flux, with the industry shifting away from petrol and diesel vehicles to more eco-friendly electric models. The effect of the pandemic on the economy and the demand for a green recovery will only accelerate this transition.

In our latest publication, Restructuring Advisory Partners Raj Mittal and Tony Barrell review the pressures that the industry is facing, including the sustained drop in demand and shifting perspectives on sustainability, offering their view on how businesses can prepare for the future.

By detailing the importance of investment in green technology, complemented by comprehensive scenario planning, they present a compelling case as to how and why the sector should reimagine itself in the coming decade, not just for the good of the industry, but for the overall benefit of the planet.

Click below to read our automotive sector publication.

Restructuring in the automotive sector publication

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