The shape of things to come with guest speaker Lord Maurice Glasman

Listen to our podcast: The shape of things to come with guest speaker Lord Maurice Glasman, hosted by FRP on behalf of the Turnaround Management Association UK (TMA)

On Wednesday 6 May, Lord Glasman delivered his annual TMA presentation through a webinar. This year the event was hosted by FRP and we are pleased to share the recording of the live event as a podcast.

Since 2012 Maurice has invited TMA each year to the House of Lords to sit, debate and enjoy the themes of the day. Architect of Blue Labour and founder of The Common Good Foundation, Maurice has a seat on the left of the House of Lords, however, his writings have encouraged thinking on both sides of politics and increasingly within the Conservative Party and the new era of conservative politics that, in particular, embraces the Johnson agenda to restore our regions and balance up social interests, wealth and investment.

Listen to the live event recording to hear Lord Glasman’s views on the political and economic unrest that lies before us, following the impact of COVID-19 and Brexit.

As the effects of government intervention continue to ripple through the economy, we will be continuing to support businesses – providing guidance and sharing our knowledge as more measures are introduced – to help businesses through what, for many, will be a challenging period.

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