Corporate Resilience

Responding to the coronavirus (COVID-19) 

Coronavirus: staying on the front foot

As the world responds to the health crisis posed by the outbreak of COVID-19, the economic impact of coronavirus is a rising strain on businesses across the globe.

Many businesses across the UK and the globe will suffer a sharp shock and corporate resilience will be tested until the situation is under control.

Businesses can position themselves for resilience through agility and adaptation. Continual assessment, evolution and communication with their stakeholders can help them stay on the front foot and react as new challenges emerge and the situation develops.

Our specialist business advisory teams are on hand across the UK to help businesses navigate the crisis. Our crisis toolkit and COVID-19 resources and insights have been developed to offer businesses and shareholders with the headline tools to help you remain resilient through this unprecedented time.

C o n t i n g e n c y C o m m u n i c a t e C o s t c u t C h a n g e C a l m C o l l a t e r a l C a l c u l a t e C a s h C r i s i s

Explore our resources developed to offer businesses with the tools to remain resilient.

Uncharted: lessons in communication

In episode one of our business podcast our panel discuss communications strategies for the recovery ahead, available now.

Uncharted: levelling up

Listen to our panel discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the regional economy in episode two of our business podcast.

Uncharted: the future of restructuring

Our panel of experts discuss to what extent COVID-19 will change the game for businesses in distress in episode three of our business podcast.

Management information to support your business through a crisis

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Funding markets and solutions during the COVID-19 crisis

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Director duties and wrongful trading rules

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We can support businesses navigate the crisis

Corporate restructuring

Exploring different business strategies for a new direction.

Corporate advisory

Finding ways to rebuild performance and stakeholder confidence.

Restructuring debt

Empowering clients’ response to changing markets and business circumstances.

Debt amendments and extensions

Helping clients unlock growth and respond to challenges.

Special situations M&A

An integrated approach to delivering M&A transactions and preserving value during times of financial stress.

Partial exit

Advice in creating and implementing the best exit strategy, including alternative options such as ‘two-step’ exits.

FRP Transition

Interim management and placement providing experience and continuity during periods of change.

Personal insolvency

Tailored advice for finding a way forward.

Individual voluntary arrangements

Personalised advice for informed decisions.