Corporate Resilience

Learn, plan and implement to take control in today's turbulent environment.

Resilience: stay on the front foot

The UK has faced an unexpected series of disruptions in the past three years. The current risk to businesses is at a level not seen for generations. How can businesses take measures to ensure the best chance of survival in today’s turbulent environment?

Businesses can position themselves for resilience through agility and adaptation. Continual assessment, evolution and communication with their stakeholders can help them stay on the front foot and react as new challenges emerge and the situation develops.

Many businesses across the UK and the globe are at risk. Our specialist business advisory teams are on hand across the UK to help businesses navigate the situation as it develops. Don’t wait for the next crisis to come to you: learn, plan, and implement to make sure your business is on sound footing.

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Defusing the inflation time bomb

The inflation crisis in 2022 is threatening businesses across the UK, find out how you can navigate it and survive.

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FRP CareCast

FRP CareCast is a business podcast series hosted by FRP, designed to address the issues facing the UK care home sector pre and post pandemic, and explore how businesses can adapt to overcome them.

Joined by a range of specialist guest speakers from across the industry, FRP will be discussing topics including staffing and recruitment, ESG and innovation, and restructuring – delving into how they are affecting the sector.