Property asset management

We provide flexible and pragmatic property expertise to help solve problems, with a broad range of solutions to maximise your recovery options, whatever the circumstances.

With over a decade of experience working closely with lenders, our property asset management team is here to help. We recognise each case is different and that’s why our team invest the time and effort to understand the unique factors, tailoring our recommendations and service to generate the best possible outcome. Whether the case moves to LPA Receivership, possession or administration, we maintain full ownership, so that you can be confident everything is in safe hands.

We don’t have a rigid ‘one-size-fits all’ approach, so we can act as a flexible yet reliable partner for you. Our clients often ask us to get involved before the situation reaches enforcement stage, as early intervention can act as a catalyst for the customer to cooperate. We find this can be of great value in preserving a constructive approach and potentially reducing costs for the benefit of all involved. 

“It’s about building trust, taking the time to listen and learn, then providing creative but practical answers that fit with our clients’ objectives” Ben Hubbard Restructuring Advisory

Property asset management services

Asset management and LPA receivership

With several years of experience working closely with lenders, our professional team is here to help you navigate the complex and often challenging issues faced when things don’t work out.

Property risk assessment

For new lending decisions we provide an independent view on the valuation of the security property, drawing on our extensive expertise in resolving problematic specialist lending cases.

Portfolio monitoring

In a turbulent world there is an increasing need to stay close to both customers and properties through the loan life cycle. We can assist by identifying issues early and actively mitigating risk.


We offer a flexible consultancy based approach and have supported a wide range of projects, providing value for both established and emerging lenders keen to tap into our experience in the specialist lending sector.

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Ben Hubbard

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