SPA disputes

Hands-on experience of transaction disputes across many industries

Following the sale of a company, disputes can arise between buyers and sellers. These disputes may be about business performance, earn-out mechanisms or completion accounts and can lead to claims of misrepresentation or breach of warranty.

If you or any of your clients are in this position, help is at hand. At FRP, we have a wealth of experience in dealing with sale and purchase agreement (SPA) disputes. Our wide-ranging, hands-on experience in transaction disputes and of reviewing sale and purchase agreements means our knowledge is likely to be directly relevant to your case.

We can help to quantify elements of transaction disputes and we can get involved at whatever stage and in whatever role you require, whether independent expert, adviser or expert determiner.

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Christopher Osborne

Christopher Osborne

Christopher Osborne

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  • Forensic Services
  • London
Jon Dodge

Jon Dodge

Jon Dodge

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