Contentious valuations

Broad-based experience with cases of every size

There are several situations in which people disagree about how much the whole or part of a business is worth.

FRP has dealt with many of them – disputes between shareholders, joint-venture partners, divorcing couples and more. We’ve covered a range of cases – small and large, straightforward and complex – and they’ve given us direct, hands-on experience of many different situations.

In particular, we have experience of unfair prejudice claims, when minority shareholders believe they’ve not been treated fairly by the majority, and valuing businesses which have been the subject of government expropriation.

We can fill a range of functions and roles, becoming involved at any stage whether as an independent expert, adviser or expert determiner. And we can draw on additional resources from our colleagues in the FRP corporate finance team.

If your dispute crosses borders, we can still help – and if local country expertise or a presence on the ground is needed, we can tap into the Eight International network.

Getting in touch

Christopher Osborne

Christopher Osborne

Christopher Osborne

  • Partner
  • Forensic Services
  • London
Jon Dodge

Jon Dodge

Jon Dodge

  • Practicing Consultant
  • Corporate Finance, Forensic Services
  • Norwich

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