Expert determination

Legally binding expert decisions

If you or your clients are struggling to conclude a financial or sale and purchase agreement (SPA) dispute, you may need an expert determiner to adjudicate on the dispute. As forensic accountants, we have experience of providing an expert decision that is final and legally binding on the parties.

We’ve worked on expert determinations of various sizes, across many levels of complexity and a wide range of industries. As a result, we can apply our first-hand knowledge to most cases that come our way.

And, as an independent and typically conflict-free firm, we can act independently of either side of the dispute. Or alternatively we can act as an adviser to one of the parties involved in the dispute.

We are known for our thorough approach and our integrity, so you can be sure that our expert determinations will be impartial and founded in data and evidence.

Getting in touch

Christopher Osborne

Christopher Osborne

Christopher Osborne

  • Partner
  • Forensic Services
  • London
Jon Dodge

Jon Dodge

Jon Dodge

  • Practicing Consultant
  • Corporate Finance, Forensic Services
  • Norwich

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