Uncharted: a new dawn

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Times of crisis create additional pressures for business leaders and can often provide a catalyst for disreputable behaviour. With the coronavirus pandemic putting businesses across the economy under significant strain, the likelihood of a wave of new mismanagement cases – from contract disputes to serious fraud – is on the increase.

When these cases come to the attention of the courts, potentially 12 to 18 months from now, it will be the responsibility of forensic investigation teams and technologists to uncover and unravel the misdeeds in question – misdeeds that will have had far-reaching consequences for the businesses concerned, as well as their employees, suppliers and customers.

In the final episode of this series of Uncharted: the road to recovery, Rebecca Burn-Callander is joined by a panel of forensics professionals to discuss the impact of the pandemic and what it will mean for legal disputes in the future.

Alongside FRP’s forensic experts, Chris Osborne and Steven Bain, she speaks to Tom Whittaker – part of the dispute resolution team at legal practice Burges Salmon – to understand the evolving world of these complex investigations and the technologies driving them.

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We haven’t seen pandemic-related cases developing yet but we will begin to see contractual disputes and fraudulent activity coming to light in 2021. Chris Osborne Forensic Services

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