Bribery and corruption investigation services

Focused and precise investigations to give you clarity

Whether you are the subject of a regulatory enquiry or are having problems with agents and third parties, FRP’s practical approach can be a real asset.

We help our clients react quickly to incidences of bribery and corruption and recommend improvements to procedures and controls to mitigate the chance of re-occurrence.

Our forensic investigation team can help you understand exactly what happened, how to contain the damage and what you can do to protect your business going forward. Through interviews, document reviews and financial analysis, we give you clarity based on robust, reliable analysis. Our expert team can advise you on how to improve your internal controls, governance structures and compliance to reduce your exposure.

We don’t just focus on helping you understand what has already happened, we actively help you put systems in place that protect your business in the years ahead.

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Christopher Osborne

Christopher Osborne

Christopher Osborne

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