15 June 2022

Forensic investigations in insolvency and crisis situations

Explore preventative actions that assist firms in identifying misappropriated funds

Hosted by the ICAEW, this webinar will focus on the role and value of forensic investigations for companies impacted by the current economic landscape, sharing insight into the increase in demand for specialist skills and the importance of forensic accountants.

In this live event, FRP’s forensic and restructuring specialists Molly Sandquest, Richard Sanfourche, David Hinrichsen, Adrian Coates and Laura Dymott will discuss the warning signs and red flags that individuals and firms should be aware of in order to prevent facing insolvency scenarios.

Key topics:

  • An overview of insolvency and crisis situations
  • The role of forensic accountants and technologists
  • How a forensic investigation is managed
  • Potential legal actions in insolvency
  • Preventative actions for firms
  • Red flags and risks

If you have any queries, please contact marketing@frpadvisory.com.

Event information

  • Date

    15 June 2022

  • Time

    12.50pm - 2.00pm

  • Venue


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