Meet Dominic

Dominic joined FRP in 2010 and is a Manager in our contentious insolvency team within the Restructuring Advisory department, based in our London office. Having worked in insolvency and restructuring since 2008, his experience is grounded in corporate restructuring and trading businesses in a variety of sectors – including food manufacturing, luxury boat construction, the car industry and the leisure industry – while pursuing the sale of the businesses as going concerns.

Dominic began working on contentious insolvency cases in 2011 and has specialised in this area since 2014, working on cases involving the tracing and recovery of misappropriated assets, suspected frauds and tax avoidance.

Previous assignments include the investigation into a British Virgin Islands entity with a previous interest in UK property, which led to liquidators obtaining ownership of the UK property and securing settlement in full; and the investigation into connected companies that had perpetrated substantial VAT frauds, resulting in successful complex claims recovering over £1.2 million.