Meet Samuel

Samuel joined FRP in 2024 as a Director in the Restructuring Advisory team and is based in our London office.

Joining the Contentious insolvency department, Samuel has over 15 years’ experience in this area. His focus is offshore asset recovery, specialising in complex, contentious and cross border insolvency.

Previous experience includes working offshore in the British Virgin Islands and Cayman for a substantial length of time, dealing with asset recovery in overseas jurisdictions such as Hong Kong, PRC, CIS,  Eastern Europe, South America and Caribbean regions.

Samuel has worked on many high-profile cases such as the liquidations of Durant/Kildare which was linked to the Maluf Brazilian corruption case involving c$200m of laundered funds. Whilst working in the British Virgin Islands he also worked on the liquidation of Stanford International Bank Limited, a US$7 billion ponzi scheme.