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Restructuring in the healthcare sector: what does the future hold?

Monday July 19, 2021

In our new publication, we discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the healthcare sector.

The pandemic has brought both challenges and opportunities for the UK’s diverse and expansive healthcare sector.

As the NHS faces a backlog of treatments with limited resources, businesses in adult social care are under pressure to balance meeting their working capital needs with growing operational costs and a rise in vacant beds. National occupancy rates in elderly care homes currently sit at 79 per cent, a fall from the pre-pandemic average of 87 per cent, according to social care consultancy Carterwood.

However, other areas – such as research and development, medical device specialists and specialist care providers – are prospering. Businesses may now be considering how to expand their product lines through M&A activity or grow sales through international expansion. In order to do so, they will need to manage their own challenges as they identify the best options to support their growth ambitions.

In our latest publication, Corporate Finance Partner, Mark Naughton and Restructuring Advisory Director, Gary Hargreaves explore the headwinds facing businesses in the healthcare sector and the potential paths forward for those in high-growth areas, offering practical advice on how businesses can manage risk, build resilience and successfully deliver on their expansion plans in the months ahead.

Click below to read our healthcare sector publication.

Restructuring in the healthcare sector publication

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Mark Naughton

Mark Naughton

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Gary Hargreaves

Gary Hargreaves

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