Transaction valuations

Supporting stakeholders across the decision making process

We provide a range of valuation services to support stakeholder decision making in the context of transactions, delivering fully independent and expertly prepared views on value to support buyers or sellers. We support clients in various stages of a transaction process from pre-deal planning to preparing, supporting or independently assessing bids, through to a variety of post-deal valuation exercises relating to reorganisation and financial reporting.

Our services include:

  • Independent support in assessing the pricing of targets prior to a transaction, and valuation analysis to support deal structuring and negotiation.
  • Independent assessment of the market pricing of businesses, divisions or assets to support strategic decision making, sale processes, and raising new capital.
  • Independent valuations and formal valuation opinions to provide boards with independent support of transaction prices on either buy or sell side.
  • Independent valuations to support transfer of ownership at fair value for related party transactions, or other situations where marketing processes are restricted.
  • Valuation of divisions, legal entities, assets or intellectual property to support the value of carved out elements during a transaction process.
  • Assessment of the potential value of synergies driven by a business combination to support pricing analysis and negotiation.

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