Transaction services

Support at every stage of a transaction

We provide a range of transaction services to support our clients, before, during and after a deal.

There are many elements to a transaction, often involving multiple parties and advisers. Our team of professionals strive to make the transaction process as smooth as possible for everyone involved. Quick and clear communication and seamless access to key information on matters such as valuation, transaction considerations and key deal drivers help ensure everyone has the answers they need to complete the deal.

With a deep understanding of the transaction process, our highly experienced team understand that every transaction is unique and our hands-on, partner led approach ensures that our clients are supported by senior professionals who are both commercially focused and driven to ensure a successful outcome.

We have a commercially focused team who are driven to ensure a successful outcome. Chris Adlam Corporate Finance

Transaction services

Financial due diligence

Our experience allows us to delve into the integrity of the financial information, assess future performance and explore the target's strengths along with other associated risks.

Valuation services

We use our extensive experience and expertise to give companies an independent view of their market value whether it's an Expert opinion you require or a commercial valuation to assist in negotiations.

Strategic options review

A strategic options review considers all the options available to the Board and its Shareholders. It's a way of getting key stakeholders to think objectively about the business and can range from organic growth, acquisitions, fund raising or full & partial exit routes.

Transaction tax services

Tax is integral in all Corporate Finance transactions and tax planning should be done early to ensure the transaction is optimally structured.  Tax advice can help make the most of the tax opportunities of an M&A situation, whilst mitigating tax exposure.

Employee ownership trusts

An employee ownership trust (EOT) has become an increasingly common succession route for business owners. We have the expertise and experience to advise you on structuring a successful EOT transaction.