Financial due diligence

In-depth analysis from experts you can trust

Before committing hard-earned capital to an opportunity, it's important to take the time to fully assess the investment. In these situations, an independent perspective is invaluable. Only when armed with real insights into a target's background and full financial position can you be confident that the financial outlay is worth it.

At FRP, we know what it takes to get under the skin of a business. Our experts have been doing it for years. Our experience allows us to delve into the integrity of the financial information, assess future performance and explore the target's strengths along with other associated risks.

Clear due diligence advice

A financial due diligence report is only valuable if its findings are coherent and actionable. So we keep everything clear, from the reviews of the management accounts and financial forecasts to the assessment of industry reports and strategy plans. We'll provide comments throughout, so it's clear where the risks and opportunities lie, and any other considerations you need to bear in mind.

We're not just here to raise red flags - we see due diligence reports as a chance to make the most of an investment. It will include details on strengths and weaknesses, but we'll highlight the opportunities for growth and areas of risk. We will focus on what is important to you.

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