Business valuations

Independent experts at helping understand business value

To be genuinely useful, a business valuation needs to be grounded in expert analysis and objective facts. At FRP, we use our extensive experience and multi-disciplinary expertise to give companies and their stakeholders an independent view of their market value.

As part of our valuation process, we look at every aspect of your business. From financial performance and the market environment, to the specifics of your operations like contract gains and recent acquisitions; we start with the whole picture so we can give you a complete understanding of your current value.

Whatever the reason you need a valuation, whether preparing for a sale or acquisition, raising finance or resolving a dispute among shareholders, you need accuracy and objectivity. We can also draw on the full range of our organisation’s knowledge to support you at every stage.

Review. Adapt. Evolve.

Review. Adapt. Evolve. is a bespoke solution designed specifically to help business leaders take action and prepare for the future. Our team of specialist advisers will be with you every step of the way, providing integrated and tailored guidance that empowers your business to prosper in the new economy.

Explore how we can help you navigate the changing economic environment and overcome the unparalleled obstacles presented by the pandemic. Now is the time to review, adapt and evolve.

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Matthew Flower

Matthew Flower

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Adrian Alexander

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Adrian Gare

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