6 May 2020

The shape of things to come with guest speaker Lord Maurice Glasman

FRP are delighted to be hosting a webinar on behalf of the Turnaround Management Association - TMA UK with guest speaker Lord Maurice Glasman.

Turnaround Management Association – TMA UK friend and ever the popular Lord Glasman will be delivering his annual presentation through a webinar this year hosted by FRP.

Since 2012 Maurice has invited TMA each year to the House of Lords to sit, debate and enjoy the themes of the day. Architect of Blue Labour and founder of The Common Good Foundation, Maurice has a seat on the left of the House of Lords, however, his writings have encouraged thinking on both sides of politics and increasingly within the Conservative Party and the new era of conservative politics that, in particular, embraces the Johnson agenda to restore our regions and balance up social interests, wealth and investment.


Lord Maurice Glasman

Lord Glasman was educated at JFS Comprehensive School and Cambridge University and then studied for his doctorate at the European University Institute in Florence. He was Reader in Political Theory at London Metropolitan University for 16 years when he worked with London Citizens on the Living Wage campaign. He was a founder of Blue Labour in 2009 and was made a Peer in 2011. He is a Patron, along with Field Marshall Guthrie and Lord Cranbourne of Change Britain, which is campaigning for a clean Brexit. He lives in Stoke Newington with his wife and four children. He is the director of the Common Good Foundation.

Numbers are unlimited and entrance is free. All you need to do is log on five minutes beforehand so that we can start the event promptly at 10.30am.

To join the live event on 6 May at 10.30pm, please click here.

If you have any queries, please email webinars@frpadvisory.com or secretariat@tma-uk.org.

Event information

  • Date

    6 May 2020

  • Time

    10.30am - 11.30am

  • Venue

    Online webinar

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