Tackling the business impacts of COVID-19

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Effective solutions in challenging times

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has created some of the most challenging conditions UK businesses have ever experienced. Now, as we exit a third national lockdown which will accelerate the transition to the new economy, business leaders must consider what route to take to put their business on the front foot. We are here to help.

The economy is evolving; a point that businesses across the UK are fast realising as they look to meet the demands of the COVID era. Chief among their concerns are intermittent periods of enforced closure, the servicing of unexpected debt, reshaping workforces and optimising cashflow to ensure they are in the best shape possible to support the economic recovery and their own.

Following three national lockdowns, businesses must do what they can to ensure they have a strong and viable plan for their future. We understand the unique business environment brought about by COVID-19 and are working alongside businesses to help inform and implement their approach. 

Taking preventative action as early as possible is vital to ensure you have as many options and tools at your disposal. Geoff Rowley Restructuring Advisory

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The options open to firms looking to refinance for their best chance of success in 2021.

How can business owners exit effectively during COVID?

The strategies open to business owners looking to exit their business during the economic crisis.

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Review. Adapt. Evolve.

Review. Adapt. Evolve. is a bespoke solution designed specifically to help business leaders take action and prepare for the future. Our team of specialist advisers will be with you every step of the way, providing integrated and tailored guidance that empowers your business to prosper in the new economy.

From assessing the current state of play, to planning and implementing a longer-term roadmap, you’ll have access to our specialist expertise covering restructuring, debt and corporate finance.

Through our holistic approach, informed by our in-depth situational expertise, we can help you navigate the changing economic environment and overcome the unparalleled obstacles presented by the pandemic. Now is the time to review, adapt and evolve. 

CVAs: a tool for rehabilitation webcast

In the current economic climate, recovery is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. When used correctly, and in the right circumstances, a company voluntary arrangement (CVA) can be used to successfully rehabilitate fundamentally sound companies, helping to rebuild a resilient business model and realign economic interests.

Explore our webcast on how a CVA works, the benefits, and our team's expert advice on how to wield this tool for recovery.

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Geoff Rowley

Geoff Rowley

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Tom Cox

Tom Cox

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Matthew Flower

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Effective solutions in challenging times

Raising capital

Our team can reduce the pressure by overseeing the entire process and our track record in securing the right partners for clients is why we’re trusted.

Business valuations

We use our extensive experience and multi-disciplinary expertise to give companies and their stakeholders an independent view of their market value

Restructuring debt

Restructuring debt can be a very involved process, but our debt advisory team are experts in managing complexity.

M&A advisory

We provide trust, expertise and insight at each stage of the M&A process, helping you take full advantage of every opportunity.

Raising and refinancing debt

Raising and refinancing debt can be a key step in a wider restructuring or corporate finance programme.

Special situations M&A

An integrated approach to delivering M&A transactions and preserving value during times of financial stress.

Company voluntary arrangements (CVA)

We support businesses of all shapes, sizes and financial performance, and we are experts in creating constructive corporate restructuring solutions.

Corporate restructuring

We make sense of complex situations and provide constructive solutions and sustainable long-term plans.